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Our all risk car insurance covers collisions, theft, fire, and more for protecting your car. Enjoy fast claims approval within 24 hours, free car and key replacement, and flexible installment payments.
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All Risk Car Insurance

tick markPartial and Total Loss Damage due to collision, theft, fire & malicious acts

tick markComplimentary road side assistance

tick markSRCCTS (Strike, Riot, Civil Commotion, Terrorism, & Sabotage) and flood extension

Starts From

IDR 1.500.000 / year

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TLO Car Insurance

tick markProtection for total damage as well as lost vehicles

tick markFloods, storms, typhoons, riot, strike, civil commotion, terrorism, and sabotage

tick mark24/7 Claim center

Starts From

IDR 400.000 / year

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Why choose Oona Car Insurance?

Oona stands as the leading provider of motor vehicle insurance, recognized for having the highest amount of premium income*, a testament to the trust placed in us by over 1 million customers.


0% Installment Plans on Major Credit Cards


600 ++ Trusted Workshop Partners

One of the Biggest in Indonesia


Seamless Online Purchase with Instant Policy


Free Car & Key Replacement

Add-on Covers

Authorized Dealer

Additional coverage for Oona’s authorized dealer workshops in the event of claim.


Third Party Liability Cover

Covering from third party claims for injuries, damage to vehicles or property suffered.


Personal Accidents for drivers

Coverage for medical expenses up to IDR 25 million.


Got a Question?

Explore our FAQ page to find all the information you need.

Why should one have car insurance?


Having car insurance is important to protect yourself from unexpected costs due to accidents, damage or theft.


This insurance product can help cover the costs of repairs and medical care, thereby reducing your financial burden.


In addition, some car insurance companies also provide protection against third-party claims and offer extra benefits such as towing services and a replacement car.


By having the right car insurance, you can have more peace of mind and be protected from financial risks, so it is highly recommended to choose the best car insurance policy that suits your needs.

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Is car insurance mandatory?


The obligation to have car insurance depends on the regulations in each country.


In many countries, car insurance is a legal requirement to protect car owners, passengers and third parties from financial risks due to accidents or damage.


In Indonesia, although there is no regulation that mandates car insurance, purchasing car insurance for your vehicle can provide financial protection and security for car owners, which is very important in facing unexpected situations.


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How to purchase OONA Motor Vehicle Insurance products?
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How much is the cost of car insurance?


The cost of car insurance in Indonesia varies greatly, depending on several key factors.


First, there are two types of car insurance based on their basic coverage: Comprehensive and Total Loss Only (TLO).


Comprehensive covers minor damages such as scratches and dents, while TLO is only for serious damage (≥75%) or theft that results in the loss of the car.


Extended insurance coverage can also affect the cost of your car insurance. 


Additional protection in the form of coverage for natural disasters, medical expenses or third-party claims can usually increase the price of your motor vehicle insurance.


The price of the car is another factor influencing the cost of car insurance. The Financial Services Authority (OJK) divides car insurance rates into five distinct categories, each determined by the price of the car.


Geographic location also plays a role, with the OJK differentiating rates based on regions: Sumatra and its surroundings, DKI Jakarta, West Java, Banten and other regions in Indonesia.


Lastly, the age of the car also affects the cost of car insurance. Starting from the sixth year of the car's age, the insurance cost will increase. And at a certain age, insurance company may only offer TLO coverage for the car.


Considering all these factors, car insurance cost can vary greatly. 


It is important to understand your specific needs and choose the main coverage and insurance extensions that suit you, as this will determine whether the total cost you have to pay is cheap or expensive.


Want to know how much insurance costs for your car? Check your car insurance price here!

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What does the car insurance claim process involve?


The car insurance claims process can generally be outlined as follows, but it's important to note that specific steps may vary between insurers:


1. Claim Notification: Immediately inform your insurance company after an accident occurs through the provided phone number or online form within the time period required by your insurance company.


2. Information Gathering: Prepare details of the incident, information of the involved parties and your insurance policy data to be given to the insurance company.


3. Police Report: If the accident is serious, submit the police report that has been made to the insurance company.


4. Damage Assessment: Follow the damage assessment procedure established by the insurance company, which can be done through an assessor or at a partner workshop.


5. Additional Documents: Complete and submit any additional documents requested by the insurance company.


6. Claim Approval: Wait for the evaluation and approval of the claim from the insurance company. Once approved, payment will be processed.


7. Claim Payment: Claim payments will be made according to the method determined by the insurance company.


8. Vehicle Recovery: Pick up your car after the repairs and claim payment are completed.


Make sure that, before submitting a car insurance claim, you are already familiar with the claims process and requirements of your car insurance product and promptly report the claim with accurate information for a quick process.

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Can car insurance be cancelled?


Cancelling your car insurance must adhere to the specific terms of your policy and the rules set by your insurance company. Be aware of these key points, but always review your policy's terms first for precise guidance.


Cancellation Fee: The insurance company may charge a fee and/ or deduct the premiums that have already been paid and return a pro-rated amount of the premium to you.

Cancellation Rules /  Process: Read the policy terms to understand the procedures and requirements for cancellation.

Premium Refund: You may be entitled to a refund of the premium for the unused period after cancellation.



Before canceling, discuss with your insurance company to understand the consequences and options available.

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How to file a claim?


How to file a claim for your car insurance?

  • Before you claim

    Prepare and collate all the required documents and claim details for submission.
    Click here to see the required documents.

  • Submitting the claim online

    Fill out the online claim form and upload the required documents online.

    Make a Claim

    Other Ways to File a Claim 

  • Present Documents to Accredited Repair Shop

    Claim result will be informed within 5 business days upon submissions of all required documents to Oona.


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